Bars rule the “healthy” snack category. How to break in with a new brand and a new concept with limited social media presence, no consumer awareness and very little retail distribution.

Find the early adopters.
The initial six months of the campaign was focused in New York City where NUWI could be found on retail shelves. We targeted the vegan and healthy lifestyle community—consumers who actively seek new, innovative brands that align with their lifestyle. We developed strategic alliances with key influencers and sampled, sampled and sampled some more!

Thousands of NUWI was given out at consumer events like Green Festival NYC, The Seed Experience and Gluten &Allergen Free Expo. We executed an aggressive PR outreach to New York media, bloggers and trade media to spread the NUWI word. An integrated social media campaign with custom graphics has gone a long way to creating consumer interest in the brand and creating the kind of buzz a newcomer creating a new category needs!

NUWI is getting noticed! From the Today Show to the Huffington Post the news is that there’s a new snack in town. Facebook likes have grown over 200%, and fitness, vegan and gluten-free influencers are declaring their love for NUWI.

NUWI on Today Show