The media love a negative story and they also go for the sensational headline. The truth was that the supplement did not show a marked difference for mild to moderate pain, but the results for moderate to severe pain were compelling—better than the placebo and the drug used.  To get the media to change their stories was the ultimate challenge.

We were prepared with white papers, scientific data and patients with convincing stories about how chondroitin had helped them overcome severe pain. We used every media tool in our arsenal and finally brought out the recognized expert on chondroitin sulfate, Dr. Theodosakis. We challenged the media to look beyond the first page and do their job by reporting on the study in total.

We turned the tide of negative press. After an intensive six-month campaign, many editors, writers and journalists were reporting that people needed to look deeper than the initial data and that, in fact, the overall results for patients with moderate to severe pain were positive for chondroitin and CSbBioActive.