We like to think of it as “Personal Relations®”.  ADinfinitum’s personal media relationships together with our ability to communicate and tailor our clients story for every media outlet delivers stellar results. The media universe is continually changing and our ability to adapt and integrate Social Media/Bloggers/PR has proven to deliver significant Return on Marketing Investment—ROMI. By separating them as three different disiplines, brands dilute the full potential of each—
the sum being greater than the total of the individual parts.

•  Strategic campaign planning and conceptualizing
•  Writing press releases and creating press packages
•  Researching and writing white papers
•  Media relations for multi-media and social media campaigns
•  Blogger networks
•  Arranging spokespeople interviews and appearances
•  Media training
•  Media tours and book tours
•  Connecting with industry partners
•  Press events, seminars and symposiums
•  Crisis management