A market leader in the Greek dairy industry, Olympus was unaccustomed to the size and scope of the US market. What to do with a limited budget and a short timeframe in which to deliver results for a test market campaign?

Connecting the authenticity of Olympus Greek Yogurt with US consumers was achieved by letting “Greek Yogurt fans” speak for the brand. Media, chefs, personalities, dieticians, and bloggers —all became vocal Advocates for Olympus. Sampling/Events/PR/Social Media/Radio was used to get thousands of people to try Olympus Authentic Greek Yogurt.

The success of the campaign created a conundrum: As distribution, awareness and sales grew, Olympus had to decide how best to build a sustainable business model. New packaging was created to appeal to US buyers and focus groups were initiated to confirm the taste and quality of the brand stood up to the market leader. The positive outcome of the test market proved the viability of the brand. As a result, to be price competitive, Olympus has decided to build a plant in the US.