Up against big established diet brands with multi-million dollar budgets, how to break through with a diet program considered controversial, frequently misunderstood and described as another “Atkins”.

Create and leverage a network of Dukan Diet Ambassadors. Many people had been achieving phenomenal results following the Dukan Diet. They had read the books, understood the concept, set up their own online support groups and were veryvocal and encouraging. As we connected with these brand advocates we realized we had an untapped pool of “Dukaners” who could speak to their life changing experiences.

The initial six-months of the campaign was focused on creating media opportunities with the Dukan Diet Ambassadors. These avid and passionate supporters of Pierre Dukan had the opportunity to meet their mentor at an Ambassador luncheon in NYC. Their stories were inspirational, uplifting, real and powerful as their lives had been changed forever.

The one key difference from other diets is that Dukan is a plan for life based on eating real food. To help people better understand this concept, we teamed up with Culinary Dietitian Gina Keatley for recipe development, cooking videos and TV segments. Putting an American spin on the French plan led to a press event “Dinner with Dukan” in New York, where Pierre Dukan, had personal conversations with journalist that opened up a multitude of media opportunities.

The Dukan Diet is now experiencing a resurgence in the US due to positive media coverage and big placements such as the front cover story in Women’s World magazine, Newsday, The Daily News, segments on Good Day New York at Better TV, as well as online coverage.