To find the perfect location that would attract the media to experience these unique Agrovim Olive Oils in a setting equal to their quality and innovation


Channel our “Greekness”…

The hospitality that is the foundation of Greek culture, the link between food, drink and friendship, we found all this and more at Nerai. A modern, sophisticated Greek restaurant in Manhattan, Nerai was the perfect backdrop for Agrovim. A flawlessly executed press event with special guest, Greek actor Billy Zane (Titanic) proved to be an irresistible combination.


Food writers and bloggers feasted on some of the best Greek dishes outside of Greece, each meticulously prepared using Agrovim EVOO. Billy Zane, in true Greek fashion, even had everyone partaking of Olive Oil “shots” – a first for many of the guests! Resulting coverage from media such as Food & Wine, GrubStreet and Good Housekeeping has placed Agrovim in front of the discerning consumer who appreciates high quality food products.