When I founded ADinfinitum in the late 80’s, it was to fulfill a lifelong dream of running a New York City agency. Born and raised in a rural area outside of London, New York always fascinated me, and several vacation trips only fueled my resolve to be part of that unmistakable energy that is uniquely New York.

Life has a very interesting way of coming full cycle. Even though I wanted to pursue a creative career, I actually took a totally different path and started to train as a pharmacist in England with Boots The Chemist. While it was not my passion, it did spark a lasting interest in healthcare products and services, which serves me well today. I eventually listened to my creative voice and ran a full-service agency in the UK for twelve years.

Soon after moving to New York, a personal health challenge threatened my ability to work and live the life I wanted.   I was introduced to herbal and dietary supplements that together with lifestyle changes literally saved my life. That was my Aha moment.

Since then I have focused on promoting companies and brands that really make a difference by providing healthy and sustainable lifestyle options.

Now, the tide has turned. What was once niche is now mainstream. And ADinfinitum has been at the forefront of this trend. Our food, our health, our beauty, our happiness, our planet…they are all intrinsically linked. I’m excited to be involved with brands that make a positive contribution to our lives and thought leaders who inspire and affect change.